Squadron Strike: Axanar In Development

Ad Astra Games and Axanar Productions will bring the space battles of the Four Years War to tabletop gaming with Squadron Strike: Axanar!  Using the critically acclaimed Squadron Strike game engine, Squadron Strike: Axanar will show the arms race between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets in unprecedented detail. The product will be available in both PDF and print formats, and will include the canonical class histories for all the ships in the film.  Additional products include a line of fleet scale miniatures. 

Ad Astra Games makes engaging 3D tabletop miniatures games, and has multiple licenses using its Squadron Strike game system. Ad Astra has recently completed a Kickstarter for electronic game aids for Squadron Strike.

Squadron Strike: Axanar supports 2D and 3D play, and is in closed playtesting now. If you already own Squadron Strike and want to get in on the second phase playtesting, please contact Ken Burnside (design@adastragames.com) for details.  Squadron Strike can be purchased directly from Ad Astra Games website.

Squadron Strike: Axanar will be available on the Axanar website as a perk for donating to the production. To find out more about Axanar Productions, watch Prelude to Axanar on Youtube, and visit their website at www.axanarproductions.com

We expect public playtesting to begin around June 15th, possibly sooner. Playtesting will require signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.