• Origins Award Finalist
  • Designed by Dr. Tony Valle, founder of the Airpower Newsletter
  • The most realistic non-computerized flight simulator on the market

Birds of Prey is the critically acclaimed game of modern jet combat. Clever use of nomograms and laminated play aids give you unprecedented detail and accurate flight dynamics, all from a consistently reasoned out and modelled aerodynamic model. Gone are the days when half the maneuvers had to rely on exceptions to rules you already learned, with special cases for different wing configurations or different altitude levels.

Best described as the most realistic jet combat simulator you can get without a security clearance, Birds of Prey sets the bar for realistic and playable jet combat on the tabletop. Every decision cascades, and it's the only air combat game that can actually show subtle differences between different blocks and nationalities of commonly used aircraft.

  • Ideal Scale: One to two planes per player.
  • Recommended Ages: 14 on up
  • Time to Play: 2-4 hours.
  • Time to Learn: 3-8 hours.

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