Squadron Strike 2nd Edition Coming Now

Sometime in the next three to five days, Squadron Strike will have a 2nd edition put up on the Ad Astra website.

Several changes have been made, to fighter combat, dealing with torpedoes and missiles, and some wording has been clarified in weapon traits. The campaign system that nobody ever used has been removed, as has the ground combat engine, which will be revamped into a new product. There are more examples in the rulebook, and some choices were made to make larger games more interesting.

The included setting and SSD book are the Empire/Directorate War. One of the projects for next year is rebuilding the Diaspora setting to something that's more fun to read and revamping the ships to make them more fun to play. The setting book will be in two volumes; the first is a 52 page "fly through" tutorial, with fictional lead ins to the scenario. Each scenario adds a few new rules at a time until you've got the entire game under your belt. The second is an expanded section of historical scenarios that build off of the tutorial and make it into a fully fledged campaign game.

If you're a fan of the Starfire setting materials, where there are scenarios with interludes, this should scratch the same fictional itch.

The SSD book includes a fortress, and 2D and 3D versions of every SSD.

Below are some of the art pieces we did for the book -- hat tip to Charles Oines, of course.

Leaving Farside

Looking for a Fight in Alpha Mensae ...

And They've Found One ...

Close Action!

If you're waiting for a back-order, it will be fulfilled as a 2nd edition game.

If you've bought the PDF rulebooks, there will be a discount code emailed to you to buy new versions of the PDFs for the new edition.

And, of course, if you already own the game, we'll be selling upgrade kits that replace all the items in the box that changed.