Previewing the Squadron Strike Spreadsheet Release

Normally, the Squadron Strike spreadsheet updates on the 16th of March, June, September and December.  This December, I was still elbows-deep in the rewrite of the spreadsheet for the new point defense model, shown on my Patreon.  I've been toiling away at it ever since, along with getting things ready for Squadron Strike: Traveller.

New analytic tools for designing ships in Squadron Strike.

One of the new features I put into the spreadsheet is an analytic display, shown in the graphic above.  There are eight of them, each one representing all 50 windows of the AVID.  The top row are offensive - the leftmost image is "how much missile spam can I put out" - the numbers are the typical amount of point defense resources needed to have a ~60% chance of stopping each missile.  Next to it is a similar display for torpedo launches, which weights torpedoes as being more valuable when launched from the front of the ship, and less valuable if launched from astern.

The two displays to the right of that are average damage per AVID window, and the user can enter the range, and an ECM/Profile modifier and see what the averages will be.  They're all conditionally formatted to make it easier to spot gaps in firepower coverage.

The bottom row shows how many new-style zone defense points a ship generates out of each AVID window, and then shows the strengths of the Deflector Shield, Ablative Shield and Armor on this ship, grouped by facing.

It's my hope that this will make it even easier for players to design the ships of their dreams.