Reinforcement Pack D – “Danger Zone!”

31504 Reinf D - Danger Zone.png
31504 Reinf D - Danger Zone.png

Reinforcement Pack D – “Danger Zone!”


Flying fast-jets has never been safe… but when you take your fighter over war-torn skies, the danger level is incredibly high! Danger Zone has markings appropriate to conflicts over Vietnam, Guinea, the Formosan Straights, Chad, Djibouti, Kuwait, Iraq, as well as the height of the Cold War!

Purchase is two each of the “Danger Zone!” box-miniature sheet.

Each sheet contains fourteen box-minis and twelve missile tents.

  • A-4F Skyhawk - USN gray, VA-195 highlight
  • F-104A Starfighter - Anti-corrosion gray, Taiwanese highlight
  • F-4E Phantom II (late, slatted) - USAF SEA
  • NF-5A Freedom Fighter - Netherlands camouflage
  • F-16A Block 1 Fighting Falcon - USAF grays - black nose
  • G.91R/3 - Portuguese green
  • G.91R/4 - Portuguese gray
  • J 35Ö Draken - Austrian grays
  • J-7 II “Fishbed” - PLAAF white
  • Super Mystère B.2 - natural metal, EC 2/5 (blue) highlight
  • Mirage IIICJ  (Israeli re-engined) - Israeli air-sup gray
  • Mirage F1C - AdA desert tans, EC 3/33 highlight
  • Mirage 2000C S4  - AdA desert tans
  • Mirage 2000D - Green-wrap camouflage, EC 3/3 Aragonnes highlight

Missiles: AIM-9J (Vietnam) Sidewinder, AIM-9L Sidewinder, target banner, AIM-9B FGW.2 Sidewinder, R-27T "AA-10B Alamo", R.530 IR, Firestreak (green), AIM-9B Sidewinder, AIM-9D Sidewinder, R.530 EM, 2x AIM-4C Falcon (red)

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