Reinforcement Pack C – “Cats and Quarry”

31503 Reinf C - Cats and Quarry.png
31503 Reinf C - Cats and Quarry.png

Reinforcement Pack C – “Cats and Quarry”


“Cats and Quarry” ups the stakes to the highest level, with the nuclear-bomber variants of Il-28 and B-66. There is a sleek MiG-21 and two variants of the magnificent F-14 Tomcat! The Tomcats feature multiple wing-sweeps, capturing the essence of the variable sweep fighter and adding an important visual aspect to the fight in-progress!

Purchase is two each of the “Cats and Quarry” box-miniature sheet.

Each sheet contains eight box-minis and eight missile tents.

  • IL-28N “Beagle-A” - natural metal
  • B-66B Destroyer - natural metal
  • F-14A Tomcat, USN hi-vis gray, VF-1 highlight (wings forward, mid and aft)
  • F-14D Tomcat USN lo-vis gray, VF-31 highlight (wings forward and aft, complementing the Fighter Sweep wings mid mini)
  • MiG-21MF “Fishbed-J” - natural metal

Missiles: AIM-54C Phoenix, Python 4, AIM-54A Phoenix, AIM-7E-2 Sparrow III, AIM-7M Sparrow, AIM-9E Sidewinder, AIM-9P-2 Sidewinder, Python 3

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