Reinforcement Pack A – “Interceptors and Aggressors”

31501 Reinf A - Interceptors and Aggressors.png
31501 Reinf A - Interceptors and Aggressors.png

Reinforcement Pack A – “Interceptors and Aggressors”


"Interceptors and Aggressors” complements "Birds of Prey: Airborne Alert” with a set of aggressors and alternate markings for aircraft in the first two Birds of Prey products. In addition to several stunning marking sets, this includes the clipped maneuver box for the B-52, allowing you to put the big bird up on the wingtip and make life very tough for pursuing interceptors. And you have you love the brilliantly marked Cuban Flogger!

Purchase is two each of the “Interceptors and Aggressors” box-miniature sheet.

Each sheet contains twelve box-minis and twelve missile tents.

  • B-52D Stratofortress - USAF SEA camouflage -- clipped maneuver box
  • F-4E Phantom II (late, slatted) - Israeli camouflage
  • F-4J Phantom II - USN high-vis gray -- Silver Kings highlight
  • F-5E Tiger II (aggressor) - VF-111 tiger aggressor
  • F-16C Fighting Falcon - Flanker aggressor scheme - blue, blue, gray
  • F-16C Fighting Falcon - Flogger aggressor scheme - green, brown, tan
  • Lightning F.Mk 6 - Barley gray scheme
  • MiG-17F "Fresco-C” - Egyptian desert camouflage
  • MiG-23MF "Flogger-B” - Cuban blue-green camouflage (wings forward, mid and aft)
  • Mirage F1EE - air superiority gray

Missiles: Firestreak (white), R.550 Magic (white), R.530 EM, AIM-120A AMRAAM, AIM-9M-1/-2 Sidewinder, R-27R "AA-10A Alamo”, R-60/R-60K "AA-8A Aphid”, R-73 "AA-11 Archer”, Super 530F, Red Top, 2x AIM-4C Falcon (red)

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