Airborne Alert Box Miniatures

31002 Airborne Alert box-mini sheet-M.png
31002 Airborne Alert box-mini sheet-M.png

Airborne Alert Box Miniatures


These are the new printing of the Airborne Alert box miniature sheets M and N, done in 2015, and replace the older sheets with better printing, better die cutting and all the planes you need for the Airborne Alert setting.


A purchase is two copies of each sheet.  Buying two of this item would be the same as upgrading a copy of Airborne Alert to the Deluxe Edition

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Fourteen Aircraft

IL-28 "Beagle-A"

B-52D Stratofortress

EB-66B Destroyer

MiG-19P Farmer-B

F-106A Delta Dart

BQM-34A Firebee

J 35F Draken

A-4E Mongoose (aggressor)

Lightning F.Mk.2A

F-104S Starfighter

MiG-21bis Fishbed-N

MiG-23M Flogger-B

F-5E Tiger II (aggressor)

F-14B Tomcat


Eight Missiles

AIM-4F Super Falcon

AIM-4G Super Falcon

Rb 27 (AIM-26B) Falcon

Rb 28 (AIM-4C) Falcon


R-55 "AA-1C Alkali"

R-3R "AA-2C Atoll"

R-23R "AA-7A Apex"