AVID Assistant Version 2

The AVID Assistant is a piece of software that handles the AVID for the Ad Astra space combat titles (Squadron Strike and Attack Vector). In its simplest form, it gives you these four basic functions:

  1. The ability to move your Nose and Top symbols and update the other orientation markers.

  2. The ability to see a render of your box miniature on a hex map, including tilt blocks, stacking tiles and orientation to double check that what's on the map matches what you've got in the app.

  3. The ability to do a free style target as an offset from your ship and have it shoot a bearing.

  4. The ability to view that bearing mapped to a firing arc diagram.

The "Calc" version provides those four features, and the ability to define all ship's positions as manually updated offsets from an arbitrarily defined origin point set at the start of the game.

The "SS" version and adds the following features to the "Calc" version:

  1. Ship Data Entry.  You can add Mode 0, 1 and 2 ships, including setting their Pivot, Roll and Move stats, and their initial speeds.
  2. Data synchronization.  The app has several ways to synchronize data between multiple clients.  We recommend setting things to Leader and Follow and have one person cycle through the Sequence of Play; this will automatically synchronize data twice per turn, at the start of the turn and just before you move ships.
  3. Better handling of multiple ships:  You can select through the ships you control and the ships you're targeting and cycle through bearings as needed.
  4. Sequence of Play automation, which will prompt you to plot your movement in the app.
  5. Movement plotting tools; these will need to be used in the proper order:  Plot pivots one window at a time on the AVID, apply thrust if desired, plot horizontal movement and plot vertical movement.
  6. Automated (internal) position updates, which updates bearing data.  Red crosshairs are the bearing to the target's box mini, blue crosshairs are bearings to the target's EoT tent.
  7. Predictive bearings during the Plotting phase, shown by a purple crosshair. This is a bearing from your EoT tent to the target's EoT tent, prior to movement.  This makes it much easier to maneuver to get your guns on your target.