Squadron Strike Retreat Attendee Fee: Marietta, GA, June 22-23 2018

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Squadron Strike Retreat2.jpg

Squadron Strike Retreat Attendee Fee: Marietta, GA, June 22-23 2018


This is a retreat at Giga-Bites Cafe in the greater Atlanta Metro region (Marietta GA).  We'll be running a number of games to get people fluid with Squadron Strike, using Mode 1 movement, and the AVID Assistant.  Games will be run the Axanar setting, the Lucasian Rebellion setting, and the Empire/Directorate War setting.

Seating is limited, due to the number of teachers available.

Day 1 (June 22nd)

10am - 2pm: First Game, multi-player, Lucasian Rebellion ships
2pm - 6pm: Second Game, 1v1, Axanar
6pm - 10pm: Third Game, 1v1, Empire-Directorate War

Day 2: (All games 1v1) (June 23rd)
10am - 12pm: Fourth Game, Lucasian Rebellion ships.
12pm - 2pm: Open Discussions, Building Play Groups.
2pm - 5pm: Fifth Game, Axanar
5pm - 7pm: Open Discussions, What's Coming With Ad Astra Games
7pm - 10pm: Sixth Game, Empire-Directorate War

Giga-Bites Cafe is a game store and casual-ish restaurant.  To make the schedule work, we're assuming that we either order food in, or that we eat at the store. 

We will be running while the game store is open, and games will be stopped at their time limit so that we can move on to the next game after swapping opponents and ships.  

Ken will be in town before and after the event if you'd like more Squadron Strike or Attack Vector: Tactical gaming.

The address for the venue is:
1851 Roswell Rd
Marietta Ga. 30062

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