Squadron Strike Axanar (PDF)

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Axanar Cover Web.jpg

Squadron Strike Axanar (PDF)



20 Years Before the First Five-Year Voyage, There Was Axanar!

The dawn of a human-led, multispecies civilization was an era of exploration, of seeking out new life and new civilizations. Of boldly going where no one had gone before.

Captains like Garth, Alexander and Travis charted new worlds by the score, leading scientific and diplomatic missions to the edge of explored space. Following the examples of Magellan, Shackleton, and Lewis and Clark, they were scientists and idealists, dedicated to peaceful first contact whenever possible.

It was inevitable that they would run into a hostile power. Under the command of Kharn the Undying, the Empire saw humanity’s peaceful ambitions as a mockery of its own greatness, its constant need to expand to maintain its cultural vitality.

Unprepared for hostile first contact, the human-led explorers and their underarmed fleet soon faced their greatest peril: an invasion orchestrated by a military genius.

Four years of warfare, ending in the Battle of Axanar, shaped everything that followed.

This product requires the Squadron Strike 2e Boxed Set (ADA 17001) to play!

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