Birds of Prey: Airbattle RAG #2 (PDF)


Birds of Prey: Airbattle RAG #2 (PDF)


Airbattle RAG 2 is the exciting, new publication expanding the high-speed, high-gee world of Birds of Prey! The planes and scenarios of Tigershark Meet! are featured, including the spotlighted F-20 Tigershark. Sixteen new aircraft data cards are included, with the Dassault Rafale and Boeing Super Hornet exploring the UltraModern arena. Two new SOAR (Simulated Opponent Automation Rules) opponents are included, as well as the SOAR-30 rules, taking the SOAR capability into the vertical! There is a rich cross-section of missiles from both Chinas, and an unprecedented look inside the Tigershark Meet’s Cardboard Fighter Weapons School lessons on the OCA (Offensive Counter-Air) and DCA (Defensive Counter-Air) fight.

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Ten new Aircraft

Seahawk FGA.Mk 6

A-4F Skyhawk

F-4J(UK) Phantom II

J-8II “Finback-B”

F-20A Tigershark

F-16N Fighting Falcon

J-35Ö Draken

F-16C-32 Fighting Falcon

F-16A OCU Fighting Falcon

F-16C-50 Fighting Falcon

F-CK-1A Ching-Kou

Mirage 2000D

F-20C++ Tigershark II

Rafale C / Rafale M

MiG-21bis UPG Bison

F-18E Super Hornet (block I)


Two SOAR opponents

J-8 “Finback”

F-20 Tigershark


Eight Missiles

TC-1 Sky Sword I

TC-2 Sky Sword II

AIM-9X Sidewinder Block-1

AIM-120C (late) AMRAAM


PL-8 (Python 3)

PL-11 (Aspide)