Birds of Prey: Fighter Sweep (Standard)


Birds of Prey: Fighter Sweep (Standard)


The best defense is a good offense!
Air combat epitomizes this adage. The fighter sweep is a basic offensive counter-air tactic and tool for gaining Air Superiority. Groups of fighters, sweeping ahead of a strike package better protect their charges by aggressively engaging enemy aircraft, rather than waiting for enemy interceptors to approach the closely escorted bombers.
Standard Edition contains two-each of the aircraft box-miniature sheets.

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Data Cards

Eighteen Aircraft

FJ-4 Fury

F-101B / CF-101B Voodoo

G.91R (all variants)

F-104G Starfighter

CF-104, RF-104G & F-104J

F-8E(FN) Crusader

A-4H Skyhawk

CF-5A Freedom Fighter

Mirage IIICJ Shahak

    (Iate Israeli -- re-engined)

Mirage F1C

F-4F Phantom II

F-15A Eagle

Su-22M/Su-22M3 "Fitter-J"

MiG-25PD "Foxbat-E"

F-18A / CF-18 Hornet

MiG-29 9.13 "Fulcrum-C"

F-16C blk-25 Fighting Falcon

F/A-18C Hornet (late)

    EPE engines & APG-73

F-14D Tomcat


SOAR opponents

MiG-17 "Fresco"

MiG-21 "Fishbed"

MiG-23 "Flogger"

Su-17/22 "Fitter"

Mirage F1


Twelve Missiles

R.530 IR

AIM-4D Falcon

AIM-9B FGW.2 Sidewinder

AIM-9N Sidewinder

AIM-9J-1 Sidewinder

R-40RD "AA-6C Acrid"

R-40TD "AA-6D Acrid"

R-23T "AA-7B Apex"

R-60M "AA-8B Aphid"

R-27T "AA-10B Alamo"

AIM-54C Phoenix

Python 4

AIM-9M (late) Sidewinder


Registration gift pack (PDF)

A-4G Skyhawk

NF-5A Freedom Fighter

Su-17M3 “Fitter-H”

F-15C Eagle

F-16C blk-32 Fighting Falcon


AIR-2 Genie (soon)

-- plus rules for the Genie


Registration gift is a PDF download provided at no additional charge, following the online registration of Birds of Prey: Fighter Sweep at


Box Miniatures

Die Cut, 2 each

FJ-4B Fury                   gull gray and white

CF-101B Voodoo         natural metal

G.91R-4                       Luftwaffe camouflage

F-104G Starfighter       Luftwaffe camouflage

F-8E(FN) Crusader      Aeronavale Gray

A-4H Skyhawk             Israeli Camouflage

CF-5A Freedom Fighter   Canadian camouflage

Mirage IIICJ (upengined)  Israeli camouflage

Mirage F1C                  FAF slate gray

F-4F Phantom II           Luftwaffe camouflage

F-15A Eagle                 Air Superiority Blue

Su-22M “Fitter-J” (fwd) Libyan AF

Su-22M “Fitter-J” (mid) Libyan AF

Su-22M “Fitter-J” (aft)   Libyan AF

MiG-25PD "Foxbat-E"  Soviet Gray

CF-188A Hornet           gray, 410 sq highlight

MiG-29 9.13 “Fulcrum-C”  Russian AF camouflage

F-16C Block 25 Fighting FalconUSAF grays

F/A-18C Hornet (EPE)  Kuwaiti camouflage

F-14D Tomcat (mid)      USN lo-vis gray

A-4G Skyhawk              Gull Gray, VF-805 highlight

NF-5A Freedom Fighter     Late KLu air-sup gray

Su-17M3 “Fitter-H" (mid)    Soviet camouflage

Mirage 2000EM            Egyptian air-superiority gray


Uncut, 1 each

G.91R/3                       Tiger-Meet!

G.91PAN                     Frecce Tricolore

F-101B Voodoo           natural metal, 111th FIS

CF-101B Voodoo        Hawk One Canada!


Missile Tents

Die Cut, 2 each

R-27T "AA-10B Alamo"

R-23T "AA-7B Apex"

R-60M/R-60KM "AA-8B Aphid"

AIM-54C Phoenix

Python 4

R.530 IR

AIM-4D Falcon                          (2x)

AIM-9B FGW.2 Sidewinder

AIM-9N (AIM-9J-1) Sidewinder

AIM-9M (late) Sidewinder

AIR-2A Genie

Shafrir 2

Magic 2

AIM-9P-2 Sidewinder

AIM-9D Sidewinder

R-13M "AA-2D Atoll"

R-23R "AA-7A Apex"

AIM-7E-2 Sparrow III

AIM-9E Sidewinder

AIM-9G Sidewinder

R-3S "AA-2A Atoll"


Super 530D


Uncut, 1 each

R-40RD "AA-6C Acrid"             (6x)

R-40TD "AA-6D Acrid"             (6x)