Traveller Tuesday!

My bad - I completely forgot to hit the publish button on this one yesterday!

The most gratifying question I get about Squadron Strike: Traveller is "When can I buy it?  When is it coming out?"  Or the ever popular "Shut up and take my money already!"

The answer to that is "Soon!"  I'll turn on the ordering page when I've got files sent to the printer, because at that point, I'll have approved text for everything and will be doing page layout, and I'll have some expenses coming up. Right now, that's looking like February; I'd hoped to get that done by now, but a lot of little deadlines slipped.  Nothing that's a project killer, but enough that each one cascaded more than I could make up with an editing sprint.

Here's the current status of the project:

SSDs exist for all fifteen of the ships, and their primary variants.  I've got class histories for each of them that have been approved by Far Future Enterprises.  If you've ever enjoyed the class readouts for Battletech, these are similar.  I've got those in proofreading now, and plan on hitting page layout shortly.

We've got roughly 10,000 words of Traveller setting and background material, written from different in-universe perspectives that Marc has approved.  And we've got about 2,000 words of Traveller-specific rules for Squadron Strike, available on the Patreon for early review.

Mike Llaneza and I are going through the last of the seven tutorial scenarios and fixing nitpicky stuff - and punching up the fictional interludes and scenario lead-ins.  Alpha testing of those scenarios has shown that they work, but we have to be a little more careful in how we word things.

We've got more scenarios than we'll have space for in the product, some are going to move to later products.  We'll find out which ones when the book is in layout.