Traveller Tuesday: Three Questions, Three Answers

I've been asked a number of questions about Squadron Strike:  Traveller.  Here are some of them and their answers:

Will It Be A Boxed Game Or Supplement?

Depending on the person asking the question, the hoped for answer varies.  The answer is "Both".

ADA 15000 -- Squadron Strike: Traveller is a replacement boxed set for Squadron Strike. It has the same SS rulebook that the current boxed set has, and the same play aids, maps and plastic components. What will be different is the setting book and SSD book and the box miniature sheets. 

ADA 15001 -- Squadron Strike: Traveller Folio is a supplement - it has the SSD book, countersheets and setting book for Traveller and is meant for people who already own the Squadron Strike Boxed Set.

Will Ship {X} Be In It?

There are 15 ships in SS Traveller.  If the product sells well, we intend to do more shipbooks.  The Tigress isn't in ship book 1, but is on the list (and exists in a rough draft form as a stress test of the design engine.)  The Atlantic, P.F. Sloane, Skirmish, Plankwell, Gionetti and Fer de Lance are the Imperial ships in this product.  The Zhodani ships are the Kefchenzh, Zhdiak, Zhdavldlits, Vlezhdatl, Driafria, and Viepchakl..  The Aslan ships are the Elsyel, Hroilri'ea and Afleasea Ftaohraruilr.

Will There Be A Ship Design System?

All of the ships are built with the stock Squadron Strike ship design system.  This means some of the internal components don't take up the same mass as they do in standard Traveller, and trying to convert Squadron Strike build currency (hull spaces) into Traveller dtons isn't always going to work - but we went out of our way to make sure that if a capability existed on a ship in Traveller, it will exist in Squadron Strike.  

Or, more simply:  Yes, you can design your own Traveller ships in Squadron Strike using the tools provided, but there's no straightforward direct conversion.